SIG Sauer P220 Combat TB

With a threaded barrel and a Flat Dark Earth frame, there's no doubt the SIG Sauer P220 Combat TB was designed to be a fighting handgun.

Hush Hush of the Highest Standard

Arms Tech is offering a reproduction of a legendary pistol designed for the OSS.


While inventing a silencer that removed the sound of a gunshot had been attempted by many, the first commercially successful varieties were developed by Hiram Maxim.

Suppressors Aren't Silencers

In recent weeks, lawmakers in Washington state and Kansas approved legislation allowing the use of sound suppressors in accordance with federal law.

FNH USA FNP-45 Tactical & FNP-45 Competition

The tactical version of this .45 ACP pistol was designed for the military, and the competition version can be expected to rack up wins on the competitive-shooting circuit.

Arms Tech Limited OSS Hi Standard

The cost of collecting historically significant World War II militaria has been reduced by Arms Tech Limited's faithful recreation of the OSS Hi Standard pistol.

SureFire Total Signature Reduction

SureFire's suppressors are starting to gain as large a following as its flashlights, and for good reason.

SilencerCo Launches "Silencers are Legal" website

SilencerCo, the leader in firearm suppressors manufacturing has launched the official "Silencers Are Legal" website which provides pertinent information on the benefits of owning a suppressor, how to legally obtain one, and what to do to make silencers legal in your state.

.50 BMG Suppressor

Barrett tames the M107A1 with a can of tremendous proportions.

Be-Quiet Bolt Gun

The Micro 7 is a neat spin on a nice little rifle.

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