JP Enterprises PSC-11

Many years of involvement in the firearm industry have solidified my belief that when it comes to gun designs, actual shooters make the best "gungineers."

Custom Green

Two of the tactical versions of the Remington 700 from the Remington Custom Shop have all the right features.

It's the Shooter, Not the Gun

All the tacticool gear in the world won't turn you into a better shooter.

Syrac Ordnance Adjustable Low Pro Gas Block

This new gas block allows shooters to adjust the flow of their DGI-operated ARs to suit their needs.

Switch Hits

Back when I had a full head of hair and wore skinny jeans, rifles with easily removable barrels were known as "Takedown Guns."

Using Your Can

Here are a few recommendations on use that may help if you are getting ready for your first dance with a suppressor-equipped firearm.

Suppressor Sock

Save your hands and diminish your thermal signature with this innovative cover for your can.

Gemtech G5

See how this 5.56 NATO suppressor with an innovative mounting system fared in testing.

Advanced Armament Corporation M4-Mini and M4-2000

I began my Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) evaluation by looking at its M4-2000 suppressor and ended with the company's M4-Mini.

SureFire 5.56 Mini

This suppressor was the first test sample to come my way.

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