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Gun Guide

How do we determine what guns go in our annual New Gun Guide?

Thermal Questions

We've covered a couple of thermal sights recently—should we continue to review these technological marvels?

Spring Time

Many shooters believe in unloading their magazines to decompress the spring, thinking it will prolong life and reliability. Are they correct?

Make Up Your Minds

Most negative feedback suggests we cover less of X in favor of more of Y. When we do that, people whine about us covering Y.

Ammo Selection

The ammo shortage has hit gun reviewers, too.


Is the zombie genre dead or undead when it comes to gun stuff?

Optic Opinions

Red-dot or holographic sight? What if there is no definitive answer?

Pump and Semi-Auto?

Innovative gun designs are great, but does every innovation have a practical purpose?

Always Learning

You may think you know everything about guns, but you do not.

We Report, That is All

Whenever we review a gun about which people on the Internet have a preconceived notion, a lot of misinformation gets spread around.

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