Benelli SuperNova

When it comes to choosing an all-around shotgun—one that will serve nicely for any task, in any condition, anywhere—my vote goes to the ubiquitous pump. Benelli gives a stellar example of just how versatile a pump-action shotgun can be with its SuperNova.

Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical Gallery

Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical

Escort Gladius Tactical Home Defense Shotguns

Legacy Sports International introduces the Escort Gladius line of home-defense shotguns.

Winchester Super X Pump Marine Defender

Stunning looks, unsurpassable durability and a stout action make this shotgun well-suited for defensive applications in any condition.

Adaptive Tactical Sidewinder Venom Shotgun Magazine Kit

Want to reload your pump-action shotgun faster? Adaptive Tactical lets you convert the tubular magazine to a removable box.

Bug-A-Salt Camofly 2.0

Tired of dealing with pesky houseflies? Shoot 'em - with the Bug-A-Salt 2.0.

FNH USA P-12 Shotgun

While many foreign shotgun manufacturers have exited the tactical market, FN makes a grand re-entrance with the P-12 pump-action.

Action, Take One

When it comes to home defense, there are two main shotgun actions discussed as a rule: semi-automatic and pump-action. Here’s a roundup of common pump-action scatterguns currently on the market.

Action, Take Two

When talking about shotguns for home defense, pump-action and semi-automatics rule the roost.Here’s a round-up of current semi-auto scatterguns.

Standard Manufacturing Co. LLC DP-12 Shotgun

Doesn’t every shotgun enthusiast want a double-barrel, pump-action shotgun?

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