.45 ACP 185-grain Winchester Silvertip

This classic load is a popular self-defense choice. See how it performs after 15 years in storage.

.460 Rowland Wilson Combat 230-grain XTP

The .460 Rowland is considered by many as nothing more than a way to turn a 1911 into a big-game hunting pistol. That's not entirely the case, especially in the instance of the pistol used for this test.

9 mm +P Remington 124-grain Golden Saber

How does Remington's mid-weight 9 mm perform?

.38 Spl. +P Remington 125-grain Golden Saber

Shooting +P loads from snub-nose revolvers is seldom fun, but this offering from Remington was surprising in its performance both at the muzzle and on the target.

.38 Spl. Remington 110-grain SJHP

Standard bullets at standard velocities rarely get any credit, but they are most definitely worthy of consideration for self-defense.

.45 ACP Remington 185-grain JHP

Remington has a ton of self-defense options, but its tried-and-true JHP loads have always been reliable performers.

.32 H&R Mag. DoubleTap 60-grain TAC-XP

A great field cartridge for trappers, hunters and hikers, the .32 H&R Mag. can also be a valid choice for personal protection, especially when loaded with the right ammo.

.380 ACP Remington 102-grain Golden Saber

Ultra-compact .380 ACP handguns are very popular, and this load performs extremely well from these little semi-automatics.

9 mm DoubleTap 80-grain TAC-XP

Designed for use in compact pistols, this load still manages to pack a big punch.

10 mm Auto DoubleTap 135-grain Nosler JHP

The 10 mm Auto is a very powerful cartridge and is often used for hunting by those who prefer a semi-automatic pistol to a revolver. It is also pretty darn good for self-defense.

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