SIG Sauer Answers Your Questions

You ask, we get answers.

New Del-Ton TRX Rifle Available Through ATI

A tricked-out new AR at a surprisingly reasonable suggested retail price? Why, yes.

Del-Ton DTI TRX AR-15

Del-Ton's new AR is now available in Flat Dark Eart and matte black.

American Tactical Introduces Tactical Shotgun Line

ATI introduces two new shotguns to the home defense market, bringing two value-oriented shotguns in 12 gauge to the self-defense table.

New Pistols From Glock

Glock introduces two new pistols for 2014: a pocket-size .380 ACP and a competition-ready .45 ACP.

Weaver Tactical Optics Garner NTOA's Seal of Approval

Weaver has two new tactical scopes newly approved by the National Tactical Officers Association.

Gun Guide

How do we determine what guns go in our annual New Gun Guide?

RamRodz Gun Swabs

Very few people enjoy cleaning guns. Here's a product that will help speed up the process and make it a little less laborious.

Crimson Trace LG-637G Green Laser

Crimson Trace's new LG-637G offers a green laser for fans of full-size Glock pistols.

What's in a Name?

Product names are incredibly important and can often determine the success or failure of a new offering.

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