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Byproduct of a Bad-Ass, Pistol-Packing Irishman

To help pass the time until my U.N.C.L.E. carbine returns, I thought I'd treat you all to a sneak peak of a feature I'm been working on for Shooting Illustrated involving another pistol near and dear to me—the Colt Fitz Special.

A Special "Fitz"

The recent publication of my feature, "Perfect Fitz" in the January, 2010 issue of "Shooting Illustrated" was quite a thrill. I wrote the article several years ago—while still working in NRA Member Services—with the goal of having it published in one of NRA publications.

Perfect Fitz

The modifications J.H. FitzGerald made to wheelguns more than 80 years ago paved the way for the modern snub-nose revolver.

Guide to Plinking

Here's just about everything you need to know to have a blast with the most enjoyable type of shooting—plinking.

Good Week for Preemption Law, Bad Week for Home Rule

The final week of December turned out to be possibly the best of 2010 for preemptive law relating to the ownership of specific types of guns, with courts in two states ruling city and county laws were contrary to state firearms statute.

Colt New Agent

Colt redesigned its famed New Agent, adding a double-action trigger and removing any unnecessary parts in a self-defense gun for extremely close quarters.

SIG Sauer Answers Your Questions

You ask, we get answers.

Battle Over Guns in Historic Locale

There are few places in America with a deeper-running—or more notorious—history with firearms than Lincoln County, New Mexico. It was in the late 1870s that a range war pitting two violent factions raged across the canyons and deserts of the Tularosa range and Sacramento Mountains.

New Del-Ton TRX Rifle Available Through ATI

A tricked-out new AR at a surprisingly reasonable suggested retail price? Why, yes.

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