SureFire 5.56 Mini

This suppressor was the first test sample to come my way.

Steel Will Knives Introduces the Druid Mini Series

Steel Will Knives announces the addition of multiple new models to their versatile Druid Series, the Mini Druids.

Steel Will Launches Cutjack Series Knives

The new Cutjack Series from Steel Will is designed for every day carry.

OpSol Offers Mini-Clip Shotgun Adapter

The OpSol Mini-Clip allows owners of Mossberg shotguns to use 1.75-inch 12-gauge Aguila MiniShells in their tube-fed shotguns.

New Rifles for 2017

A number of companies introduced brand-new rifles or updated existing lineups in 2017. Here are latest models on the market.

Adding a Micro Red-Dot Sight to Your Carry Pistol

Miniature red-dot sights have become popular options to add to the slide on a handgun, but what's the best way to mount it and can you incorporate back-up iron sights? We answer the question here.

Review: Trijicon REAP-IR Thermal Scope

Ever wanted to see in the dark? Trijicon’s new REAP-IR thermal-imaging scope lets you do just that.

First Look: 12 Survivors UltraLite Mini First-Aid Kit

Designed to provide prepared individuals with a versatile, easily carried medical kit, the 12 Survivors UltraLite Mini First-Aid Kit is worth a look.

Review: Aguila Rimfire Ammunition

When it comes to satisfying your rimfire-shooting needs, there’s one manufacturer that’s often (wrongfully) overlooked: Aguila Ammo.

First Look: Bear Ops AC-325 Bold Action III Mini-Stiletto Knife

Purpose-built for personal protection, the AC-325 Bold Action III Mini-Stiletto from Bear Ops is the latest from a company geared toward the tactical market.

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