Inside Look: Bersa Firearm Factory

Shooting Illustrated received an inside look into the firearm factory of Bersa, located just outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Check out our experience here.

First Look: SureFire M600 Ultra Scout Light

Want total awareness in low-light conditions, even in large spaces? The SureFire M600 Ultra Scout Light is purpose-built to light up the night.

First Look: McMillan SENTRY Modular Rifle Stock

Combining the versatility of AR-15 aftermarket accessorization with the rigidity of a precision-rifle stock, the McMillan SENTRY Modular Rifle Stock brings together the best of both worlds.

Looking & Assessing: An Essential Element of Defensive Training

During training, many shooters feign that look-and-assess movement at the end of a shooting string...but do they really mean it? Here's why it's important to check your surroundings, even when practicing.

First Look: 429 DE Pistol Cartridge

Built for use in the world-famous Desert Eagle, Magnum Research announced the launch of its all-new 429 DE pistol cartridge.

Review: CrossBreed 'The Reckoning' Holster

For the holsters in your collection, their day has come. The Reckoning holster from CrossBreed aims to replace all others.

Federal Premium Repackages Ammo Lineup

Federal Premium ammunition is heading into 2019 with a fresh, new look, thanks to a campaign it's dubbing, "The New Look of Authority."

First Look: Optical Dynamics EXUDE Illuminator

The EXUDE Illuminator from Optical Dynamics brings new, efficient technology to consumers that goes above and beyond the capabilities of today's flashlights.

First Look: Walther CCP M2 in .380 ACP

Walther has introduced the CCP M2 in .380 ACP.

First Look: MDT Poly/Metal .308 Magazine

MDT is announcing a new, innovative update to the AICS magazine the Poly/Metal AICS pattern short action magazine, sized for .308/7.62 mm.

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