Minox ZP8 1-8x24 mm Riflescope

German optics maker Minox has jumped head-first into the tactical-riflescope world with an innovative scope that may be the best on the market for a DMR platform.

Rudolph Optics VH 4-16x50 mm Review

Rudolph Optics is a new optics company based in South Africa with a solid line of riflescopes.

TacShield Adustable Bipod

When shooting from a prone or sitting position, having a sturdy bipod makes a big difference in accurate shooting.

FAB Defense SSR-25 Sniper Stock

FAB Defense's SSR-25 is an easily adjustable fixed buttstock for the AR-15 that allows for proper cheek weld and extra stability in prone or seated shooting positions.

NRA Outdoors Long-Range Shooting Clinic

Long-range shooting, whether for fun, competition or hunting, is about as far removed from defensive shooting as possible. Or is it?

Long-Range Shooting with the Alexander Arms Ulfberht

You have to thoroughly understand the ballistics of your long-range gun and ammunition.

Nikon Ballistic Windmeter

Looking for an inexpensive yet functional way to accurately measure wind when shooting at long distance? Nikon has a phone-friendly option.

Bergara BPR-17 Bolt-Action Rifle

Bergara’s first tactical production rifle hangs tough with more-established models at significantly reduced cost. It helps to manufacture your own barrels.

Rifle, Scope & Reticle Cant

Cant? You can, if you try.

Reading the Wind for Long-Range Shooting

Here are some pointers on how best to read the wind when shooting long range.

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