Law Enforcement Trade-in Pistols

When I have been asked this question by acquaintances, I have suggested they consider law enforcement (LE) trade-in pistols. My reasoning is, by the nature of their duties and the research and testing resources available to the departments that select them, pistols formerly used by LE organizations can easily fit all the above-mentioned criteria.

Smith & Wesson Highway Patrolman

Some guns, especially Smith & Wesson models from the glory days of law enforcement revolvers, have names indicating their intended customers.

Deal with It

Learn how to deal with road-rage situations to avoid trouble, or prevail if trouble can't be avoided.

One-Handed Shotgun Manipulation

Proven in an actual FBI shootout, one-handed shotgun manipulation is an advanced technique that can make the difference between life and death.

Sheriff to Women: Arm Yourselves

A South Carolina Sheriff urges women to get concealed-carry permits and to carry a gun for safety.

The Routine Traffic Stop

The recent death of a police officer at Virginia Tech has reminded me how much I hate the term "Routine Traffic Stop."

Should You Notify Police That You're Carrying Concealed?

Lately, there has been a good deal of discussion about whether or not you should notify a police officer you are carrying a concealed handgun.

Brite-Strike APALS

These little adhesive-backed lights are a great tool for home security, outdoor pursuits and law enforcement.

Americase Introduces Law Enforcement Luggage Compartment Weapons Locker

Americase Inc. announces the development of a new Luggage Compartment Weapons Locker to serve the needs of the law enforcement community.

9 mm Remington 124-grain Golden Saber Bonded

This law-enforcement-only load from Remington is perfectly legal for civilians to own, and it performs almost exactly to FBI requirements.

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