IWI to Introduce 7.62 NATO Light Machine Gun With Semi-Auto Mode

OK, civilian shooters can't own it, but here's a sneak peak at the NEGEV NG7—the next generation of the NEGEV family of LMGs.

Israel Weapon Industries to Showcase Complete, Advanced Solution for Light Weapons for Military, Special Ops and Law Enforcement

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) will showcase a complete solution for light weapons for the military, special ops and law enforcement - at FIDAE International Air & Space Fair (Santiago, Chile, March 27-April 1), Israel Pavilion, Hall D, Stand 1a.

UZI PRO, the Next Generation of the Legendary UZI SMG Family

Exceptionally Lightweight, Compact, Precise, and Reliable—the UZI PRO is Ideal for Use by Law Enforcement, Special Forces, and VIP Protection in Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Scenarios

New Flattop Configurations for TAVOR and X95, and New NATO Cartridge Configurations for ACE Family

The New Configurations, available in several barrel lengths and calibers, retain all the original weapon features.

Israel Weapon Industries Introduces Conversion Kit for 5.45mm for the X95 Assault Rifle

The new kit makes the bullpup platform capable of functioning as a rifle, carbine or submachine gun.

Torrid Tavor

The IWI US Tavor has been enormously successful since its introduction to the American market last year.

A*B Arms Tavor Fore-end Grip

Building on the success of IWI's innovative Tavor, A*B Arms has a customized fore-end grip for the new bullpup.

An Assignment to Remember

Granted, any bad day while away on business is better than any good day in the office, but when it entails perks such as learning about new products, including firearms, gear, lots of trigger time and the opportunity to spend time with various firearm manufacturers and fellow gun writers, what's not to like.

IWI U.S. Tavor SAR

After a decade of waiting, a civilian-legal version of the Israel Defense Forces' standard-issue rifle is finally available in the U.S., and the Tavor SAR may be the ultimate home-defense rifle.

Geissele Automatics Super Sabra

The only complaint most people have about the IWI Tavor is regarding its inherently poor trigger. That problem is easily solved with the latest drop-in replacement from Geissele Automatics.

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