.38 Spl. +P Hornady Critical Defense 110-grain FTX

See how this new, purpose-built load from Hornady performs in gelatin.

.380 ACP Hornady Critical Defense 90-grain FTX

Sub-compact .380 ACP semi-automatic handguns are the biggest trend in the firearm industry. Here's some great fodder for these concealed-carry pistols.

9 mm 115-grain Hornady Critical Defense

With its Critical Defense line of ammunition, Hornady's intent was to provide loads that would perform well against intermediate barriers by still expanding and not over-penetrating.

Bullet Shootout

Understanding the terminal performance characteristics of different bullets helps you select the best one for the job at hand.

380 ACP Wilson Combat 90-grain Hornady XTP

Wilson Combat only began manufacturing ammunition in 2010. Well, that's not exactly true. The company has been making ammo for a long time, but only for use in testing its superior firearms

Mid-Range Riflery

It's not much fun to go to an outdoor range when the temperature drops below freezing or the heavens open. Unfortunately, that means rough weather keeps all but the most hardcore enthusiasts off the range.

.50 BMG 750 Grain A-Max Gallery

Think you shoot a real "manly" cartridge? After taking a look at this gallery, you might reconsider.

Dueling Zeros

Recently, a shooting buddy asked me about the merits of close-range zeros for a fighting carbine.

9 mm Wilson Combat 115-grain XTP HP

Though new to the consumer ammunition market, Wilson Combat has a host of loads that perform well for self-defense.

Accurate AR Fodder

Here are five of the most accurate factory loads to run through your AR.

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