Hand-to-Hand Self-Defense Training: Which Option is Best?

A range of personal-defense disciplines are available to those looking to sharpen their hand-to-hand skills. Which one should you choose? Here's the rundown.

Injured in an Attack? Stay in the Fight.

In any sort of fight, the possibility of injury is real. Be prepared to do what it takes to keep fighting and prevail.

Support-Hand Shooting: Setup & Skill-Building Tips

Most of today's handgun training dedicates some time to support-hand shooting, but how does that translate into your everyday carry? Sheriff Jim asks a few questions about your CCW setup.

Close-Quarter Confrontations: Defending Yourself at Short Range

In many self-defense scenarios, armed citizens don't have the luxuries of distance and time. Here's what to think about if you have to defend yourself in close quarters.

American Built Arms Releases MOD*X GEN III Xtreme Hand Guard - M-Lok Version

American Built Arms Company (A*B Arms brand) has introduced the latest accessory for its MOD*X GEN III chassis—the A*B Arms MOD*X GEN III Xtreme Hand Guard - M-Lok Version.

First Look: Samson Manufacturing M-Lok Hand Stop

Samson Manufacturing has released its new Low-Profile M-Lok Hand Stop that is contoured to provide a more comfortable interface with your hand and help you keep a consistent grip on the front of your firearm.

First Look: Grovtec G-Stop Hand Stop

A reversible hand stop that can also work as a barricade stop.


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