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GUNNER MSR Bolt Carrier Groups From Faxon Firearms

The Faxon Firearms GUNNER MSR BCG minimizes weight and maximizes utility.

Faxon Firearms Loud Mouth Muzzle Brake

Faxon has a muzzle brake designed to foster rapid follow-up shots with less recoil.

Faxon Firearms Adds Two New MuzzLok Muzzle Devices

Faxon's two new muzzle devices, the Gunner and the Flame, are new additions to the company's innovative Muzzlok line.

Faxon Firearms Introduces Streamline Carbon-Fiber AR-15 Handguard

The new Streamline carbon-fiber handguard from Faxon Firearms offers shooters a lightweight and durable AR-15 forend.

First Look: Faxon Firearms Match Series Barrel

Faxon Firearms announced the launch of its new Match Series barrels, which include a number of high-end features.

Faxon Firearms Helps Harvey Victims with ARAK-21 Rifle Drawing

Faxon Firearms is donating an ARAK-21 rifle in a special drawing, where 100 percent of the proceeds go to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Review: Faxon Firearms ARAK-21

With the ARAK-21 from Faxon Firearms, consumers have access to elements of a little-known design from a half century past.

First Look: Faxon Firearms M&P Pistol Slides

Two new pistol slides designed for use on Smith & Wesson M&P guns are now available from Faxon Firearms, giving consumers attractive aftermarket add-ons.

Hands-on With Faxon Firearms M&P Pistol Slides

The Smith & Wesson pool of aftermarket accessories just gained welcome versatility with the arrival of new pistol slides from Faxon Firearms.

5 Performance-Enhancing M&P Products

Whether configured for competition or personal protection, the following accessories make Smith & Wesson M&P pistols even better.

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