DoubleStar 1911

The DoubleStar 1911 delivers match-grade performance, without the high cost commonly associated with custom 1911s.

Ten ARs for Under $1,000

The AR-buying frenzy has subsided, but that has made for some good deals on a host of solid rifles. Here are 10 ARs that list for around $1,000, but actually retail for much less.

DoubleStar Corp Unveils Wrath Tomahawk

DoubleStar Corp. designed the Wrath to mix a crash axe with a tomahawk into the ultimate "CrashHawk."

Review: DoubleStar PhD 1911 Pistol

The latest 1911 pistol from DoubleStar is ultra-reliable and well-designed. Called the PhD, it’s a smart choice for home defense or carry.

DoubleStar Releases Oops! AR-15 Parts Kit

The new Oops! AR-15 Parts Kit from DoubleStar contains all the small, easy-to-lose AR parts you need.

First Look: DoubleStar Fang Blade

The latest blade from the DoubleStar lineup is the Fang, designed as the perfect EDC knife.

First Look: DoubleStar Lite-Fighter EX Combat Utility Knife

Designed by a combat veteran, the DoubleStar Lite-Fighter EX Combat Utility Knife is built ruggedly for any environment.

First Look: DoubleStar Brimstone Folding Knife

Designed for daily carry and use, the DoubleStar Brimstone Folding Knife is made from high-quality materials.

First Look: DoubleStar Noogie Assisted Bottle Opener

Built to tackle the toughest bottle caps, the DoubleStar Noogie Assisted Bottle Opener is ready for your backyard barbecue.

First Look: DoubleStar Strongarm Pistol-Stabilizing Brace

Designed to provide a more stable platform for owners of AR-style pistols, the Strongarm brace from DoubleStar is packed with features.

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