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When do you Carry?

If you carry concealed, do so all the time, not just when you think you need to.

Gals & Guns: Two Big Mistakes

Here are two common blunders guys make when trying to help a woman select a handgun.

Sometimes, Slow Is Good

Naturally, when someone is shooting at you, or otherwise trying to kill you, you need to be as fast as you can. However, when the fight or the threat no longer exist it is just an excellent idea to be very slow about holstering that defensive handgun.

IWI US Jericho 941 PSL Mid-Size Poly

Available for the first time direct from the source, the Jericho is a proven defensive handgun that has well served law enforcement and civilians for more than two decades.

Indoor-Range Practice Drills

There are important self-defense skills that can be practiced from an indoor range stall.

Defensive-Handgun Cartridges

History repeats itself within many undertakings. This is especially true with regard to handgun ammunition.

Skills Check: The 3-Second Drill

Practice your shooting fundamentals with this straightforward yet challenging drill.

Bullet Penetration and Expansion

Think you know what the best defensive fodder is for your personal-protection pistol? Think again.

Skills Check: Mix Up Your Shooting Drills

Varying your shooting exercises will help prepare you for the unexpected.

The Perfect Concealed-Carry Gun?

With the explosion in the number of concealed carry licenses in the US, many are looking for the ideal concealed carry handgun. Sheriff Jim talks about how to find the perfect gun for you.

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