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The Defensive Library

The Sheriff picks six top titles anyone concerned with armed self-defense should read.

When do you Carry?

If you carry concealed, do so all the time, not just when you think you need to.

Gals & Guns: Two Big Mistakes

Here are two common blunders guys make when trying to help a woman select a handgun.

Persistent Myths

It is absolutely amazing the way some myths about self-defense continue to get passed around year after year and generation after generation.

Do the Unexpected

Do something an attacker would never expect can buy you precious time to defend yourself or call the authorities.

There's a Lesson Here, Somewhere

This past weekend my son and his wife came out for an early 4th of July visit.


Watching the Summer Olympics has brought to mind a technique that is used by many, if not most, of the winning athletes.

The Quick Peek—No Thanks

Once in a while someone proposes a defensive technique that causes you to wonder just what they were thinking, assuming that they were thinking at all.

Invest in Stocks

It has been said that guns are like shoes, they have to fit.

Enough Gun

What is the best gun for self-defense?

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