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Classic Cartridges: The .45 Colt

The .45 Colt cartridge was actually the beginning of the search for effective big-bore handgun cartridges.

New Flattop Configurations for TAVOR and X95, and New NATO Cartridge Configurations for ACE Family

The New Configurations, available in several barrel lengths and calibers, retain all the original weapon features.

Bullet Penetration and Expansion

Think you know what the best defensive fodder is for your personal-protection pistol? Think again.

A History of the .45 Caliber

Our nation’s military and law enforcement relied on .45 caliber sidearms throughout history for its numerous iterations of fight-stopping fodder.

Classics: The Trapdoor Springfield Rifle

Few know about the firearm used during America's rise to the global stage: the Trapdoor Springfield.

Review: Colt Delta Elite 10 mm Pistol

Capable of firing the potent 10 mm cartridge, Colt’s latest iteration of its Delta Elite pistol is better than ever.

5.45x39 Rifle Ammo: The Other Russian Cartridge

American shooters are familiar with that most Russian of rifle ammo, the 7.62x39 mm, but what do you know about the 5.45x39 mm?

Making Wildcat Cartridges on a Budget

Who says our AR-15s and boltguns should fire run-of-the-mill ammo? Here's a look at making wildcat cartridges fun and easy.

The .45 Colt: Still Useful?

The iconic .45 Colt was developed in response to a need for a powerful, big-bore handgun cartridge. How does it stack up today?

The 22 Nosler: Best AR-15 Cartridge Yet?

The AR-15 platform can be found in dozens of popular cartridges, but the new 22 Nosler offers a number of added performance qualities above other caliber options.

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