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Pennsylvania Castle Doctrine Legislation Vetoed

Alleging it "would have threatened—not enhanced—the public safety of Pennsylvania citizens," lame-duck Gov. Ed Rendell vetoed legislation that would have permitted law-abiding gun owners to legally protect themselves beyond portions of their homes and workplaces.

Minnesota City's Toy Gun Ordinance A Paradox

Acting on the recommendation of the city police chief, the Moorhead, MN, City Council gave preliminary approval this week to a revised city ordinance prohibiting the carry of toy guns in public places.

Aged to Protection

Senior citizens are getting concealed-carry permits in record numbers. We spoke to a few older Americans to find out why.

Carry Legislation Moving in State Legislatures

With most state assemblies and legislatures now a few weeks into their 2011 sessions, here's a quick look at some of the more notable bills aimed at expanding the right to carry firearms for personal protection that have been introduced.

Changes Looming for Utah CCW Permit System?

A measure currently awaiting the signature of Utah Gov. Gary Herbert could potentially impact what has become something of a cottage industry for the Beehive State, the issuing of its widely recognized concealed-weapon permits to residents of other states.

Legislative Scorecard

As lawmakers in many states begin to wrap-up the year's legislative sessions, firearm-related bills continue to see lots of action in statehouses across the country.

Lessons for the Ladies

Self-defense is not solely the responsibility of men, nor should it be.

Wait 'til Next Year, Illinois

Illinois House Bill 148 fails to win the required super-majority, to the disappointment of gun owners in the state.

Wisconsin Right-to Carry Moves Forward

When reporting the results of the 2010 mid-term elections in November, a Weekly Slug headline posed the open-ended question, "2011: Will it be Wisconsin's Year?"

Michigan Concealed-Carry Law Turns Ten

As Michiganders celebrate 10 years of shall-issue freedom, here are some facts about concealed-carry licensees in the state.

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