SureFire Echo Knife

This beautiful knife from SureFire catches the eye with its looks, but steals the prize with its rugged construction.

Paddle Holsters

Part 2 of Richard Mann's five-part series on the best ways to carry your handgun examines the popular paddle holster.

Remington Premier Tactical Zulu Series 1 Civilian

In keeping with the current trend of things black and battle-ready, Remington Premier Tactical knives are designed for civilian, law enforcement and military operators who want a knife that can handle more than just routine outdoor chores.The Zulu is one of three knives in the line that also includes the Echo and Tango.

Wilson Cop Tool

An improvement over folding knives, the COP Tool is manufactured from ultra-tough D2, bead-blasted steel with a hardness rating of 59-60. Its 1 3/4-inch, chisel-tipped blade is an ideal shape for scraping inspection stickers from windshields and year tabs from license plates.

Buyers Guide: Tactical Folding Knives

Folding knives get the nod over fixed-blade models for daily use, simply because they are more convenient to carry. Thanks to improved locking mechanisms, better materials used in construction and innovative design, today's crop of folders are tough enough for serious duty while being easier to take with you than a Blackberry.

Blade-Tech and STI Create Bianchi Cup Pistol

Blade-Tech Industries, the leading manufacturer of custom thermoplastic and injection molded holsters and magazine pouches, proudly announces that it has teamed up with STI International to create and donate the 2012 Bianchi Cup Pistol, a custom competition pistol, as part of Blade-Tech's sponsorship of the 2012 Midway USA/NRA Bianchi Cup.

Gaston J. Glock Style LP Unique Knives On Display Gather Crowds At 2012 Blade Show

GASTON J. GLOCK style LP, the purveyors of fine quality hunting and shooting sports apparel and accessories attended the 2012 Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia for the first time introducing their collection of unique knives including the Leopard Battle Tank knife, the Battleship Tirpitz knife and the one-of-a-kind Mosaic Damascus hunting knife with an ivory handle.

Quality Blade-Tech Holsters For the New Glock 42

Blade Tech introduces new holsters to accommodate Glock's hot new .380 ACP, the G42.

SOG SOGfari Machete

Need a strong, reliable cutting/clearing implement? The SOG SOGfari machete cuts big jobs down to size.

DPx Gear Introduces the DPx HITTM Cutter

The carabiner-carry knife that never needs a sheath.

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