Patterning the Defensive Shotgun

When it comes to defending yourself and others, there are few better firearm choices than a good shotgun.

Don’t Ignore the Second Gun

Having a second handgun as a backup can significantly increase your chances of prevailing in a critical incident.

McMillan/DiamondBlade Knives

There's just something about a good knife, isn't there?

The Six-Pack Pocket Companion

Every once in a while, convenience intersects with essential.

.380 ACP for Personal Defense

Advances in bullet technology have made the diminutive .380 ACP more effective as a defensive round.

Finding a Holster for Your Carry Gun

When you’ve carried a handgun every day for decades, you learn the best methods.

Kimber Solo 9 mm Pistol Review

Bart Skelton had a chance to look over the compact 9 mm Kimber Solo. Take a look at his thoughts here.

Review: Smith & Wesson Model 986 Performance Center Revolver

While competitive shooters have been aware of the Smith & Wesson Model 986 revolver for a while, the latest iteration from the Performance Center sports some excellent purpose-built features that can herald victory or save your life.

Benefits of Shooting From Downed Positions

Much of the practice people receive today with their concealed-carry gun involves standing up and facing the target. Bart Skelton talks about the benefit of shooting from these different positions.

Speed Loaders vs. Speed Strips for a Concealed Carry Revolver

Those who use a revolver for daily concealed-carry use have two options for reloading: speed strips and speed loaders. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

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