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Armed Pharmacist Ends Robbery Threat

An armed citizen prevented an armed robbery of a pharmacy in Missouri.

Medina, TX School: “We Protect Our Students”

A growing number of schools throughout the country are permitting qualified employees and staff to remain armed when classes are in session as a matter of protection and security, but one school in Texas is literally advertising the fact that its staff carries firearms.

Managing the Defensive Shotgun

When faced with a threat, a shotgun can be quite the equalizer, but only if it’s used correctly.

3 Huge Concealed Carry Myths Debunked

Some concealed-carry myths are best left behind in favor of more-practical options.

Busted: 5 Shotgun Myths You Probably Believe

Many gun owners believe these five shotgun myths. Our Shotgun editor separates fact from fiction here.

The Drawbacks of a Subcompact Single-Stack 9mm

Subcompact handguns like the popular single-stack 9mm pistols on the market now may appear like the ideal option for concealed carry and personal protection, but they have their drawbacks.

3 Great Drills for a Home-Defense Shotgun

If you rely on a shotgun for home defense, these three drills can help build proficiency with it.

Fight Smart: Tips & Tactics for the Armed Citizen

Sometimes, if you just use your head, you don’t have to resort to other tools. Sheriff Jim covers the benefits of fight avoidance and the benefits of a secure defensive position for the armed citizen.

FBI Report Highlights Effectiveness of Concealed Carry

The FBI's newly released report, "Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2016 and 2017" highlights a growing trend of armed citizens effectively stopping threats.

Injured in an Attack? Stay in the Fight.

In any sort of fight, the possibility of injury is real. Be prepared to do what it takes to keep fighting and prevail.

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