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Right to Bear Arms Meets Right to Bare Everything

A heated conflict has arisen in a portion of rural and scenic Washington state that has the members of a "social camping club" filing suit to block a county's plans to build a public shooting range near its 320-acre campgrounds, lake and hiking areas.

Suppressors Aren't Silencers

In recent weeks, lawmakers in Washington state and Kansas approved legislation allowing the use of sound suppressors in accordance with federal law.

CHL Surge Spreads to Great Northwest

Oregon and Washington see large increases in concealed-carry permit applications in 2013.

Restrictions on Handgun Ownership Opposed By Record Numbers

While the Obama administration and some state lawmakers are calling for more restrictions on firearms, new polling data indicates a significant drop in support from the American public.

Interesting Washington Post Article

Normally, the Washington Post writes about guns to call for their being made illegal, but yesterday, the paper ran a rather positive story about one gun in particular. Despite the positive coverage, what was left unsaid could be used by those seeking to limit our rights.

Washington Voter Initiative Already a Disruption for Status Quo

It didn't take long for the negative consequences of Washington state's new voter initiative to become apparent.

Seattle Poised to Impose Tax on Firearms, Ammo

Despite recommendations to the contrary from firearms industry representatives and local gun dealers, a Seattle City Council committee on Wednesday, Aug. 5 voted unanimously to approve an ordinance to tax sales of guns and ammunition in Seattle and require gun owners to report the theft or loss of any firearm within 24 hours.

King County Sheriff Issues Order to Deputies in Wake of Paris Attacks

The sheriff of King County in Washington has ordered deputies to remain armed even when off-duty in light of recent events.


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