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Battle of Iwo Jima Remembered: 70 Years Later

This pivotal battle in the Pacific theater gave us one of the most enduring images of World War II.

New Mexico Event Honors Memory of Bataan Death March Troops

The Bataan Death March looms large in New Mexico history, and is honored accordingly.

The Japanese Type 99 Rifle

Destined to bring out the best or the worst in a Soldier, combat also forged reputations for the battle rifles they used. Some were deserved, some were not.

Classics: Thompson Submachine Gun

The Thompson submachine gun, also known as the “Chicago Typewriter,” had a distinguished military career in addition to its Prohibition-era prominence.

Classics: The M41 Carcano Rifle

Changing its military rifle during wartime was a mistake for Italy, but that doesn't take away from the impressive qualities of the M41 Carcano rifle.

Classics: Gewehr G41(M) "Gas Trap" Rifle

Before the development of the well-known Gewehr G43, there was the Gewehr G41(M) from Mauser.

Classics: Sterling Submachine Gun

If war has a silver lining, it is firearm development, and one of World War II’s silver linings was the Sterling submachine gun.

The 1911 Pistol: 100-Plus Years of Dependable Service

With more than a 100 years under its belt, John Moses Browning’s most-famous design, the 1911 pistol, is still going strong.

Classic Guns: MAS-38 Submachine Gun

The French MAS-38 submachine gun that ended the reign of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini is pretty obscure; you’ve probably never heard of it.

Classic Guns: Imperial Japan’s M1 Garand

John C. Garand’s combat masterpiece M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle was so effective in the Pacific theater, the Japanese attempted to make their own version.

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