Springfield Champion

But pound-for-pound, the Champion, Springfield's version of Colt's original Commander, holds the title belt as the company's best sidearm. In other words, if you only own one Springfield 1911, make it a Champion.

Springfield XD(M)-9

The Springfield XD(M)-9 has a 19-round magazine, so if you carry a full mag with one cartridge in the chamber, this handgun holds a complete box of ammunition.

Springfield SOCOM 16

Springfield Armory sought out to further improve upon the idea within its own well-established M1A product, and the SOCOM 16 was born. The most obvious change came with the shortened 16-inch barrel, giving the SOCOM a decidedly tactical look and feel.

Polymer Pistols for Practical Competitions

Congratulations! You've picked a shooting sport, decided how you want to play the game and now you're wondering "what am I going to shoot with?"

Guns for Gals

So you want to buy a handgun? I have a hard time recommending just one, but since I get this question all the time, here are some of my favorites.

Saving the Best For "Last"

For 1911 mavens like me I attribute any changes to the like dowsing fillet mignon in ketchup; however, in the case of the Springfield Armory Omega, change brings an added degree of versatility.

Springfield XD(M) in .45 ACP Gallery

Now available in America's most popular personal-defense chambering, we can expect to see even more Springfield XD(M) in the holster of CCW licensees.

Springfield Armory Range Officer

Springfield Armory introduced this shooter-friendly 1911, which will delight both on the range and off thanks to its loaded case and attractive MSRP.

Springfield's Multi-Caliber 1911

There are some good reasons for multi-caliber guns. High on the list is a shooter's desire to acquire different capabilities for minimal dollars.

Springfield Armory XD(M) 3.8 Compact

One of the newest models of the Springfield Armory XD(M) is a great choice for concealed carry.

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