.30-06 Turns 100

Though it's more than 100 years old, the .30-06 Sprg. remains one of the most popular rounds in the United States.

Springfield Champion

But pound-for-pound, the Champion, Springfield's version of Colt's original Commander, holds the title belt as the company's best sidearm. In other words, if you only own one Springfield 1911, make it a Champion.

Springfield XD(M)-9

The Springfield XD(M)-9 has a 19-round magazine, so if you carry a full mag with one cartridge in the chamber, this handgun holds a complete box of ammunition.

Springfield XD45

A close look at the new XD45 pistol reveals a frame-mounted manual safety with a location and configuration that should be quite familiar to many handgun enthusiasts. Located at the rear of the frame and requiring a downward sweep to disengage, the XD45's ambidextrous safety is in fact configured much like the venerable 1911.

Springfield SOCOM 16

Springfield Armory sought out to further improve upon the idea within its own well-established M1A product, and the SOCOM 16 was born. The most obvious change came with the shortened 16-inch barrel, giving the SOCOM a decidedly tactical look and feel.

Polymer Pistols for Practical Competitions

Congratulations! You've picked a shooting sport, decided how you want to play the game and now you're wondering "what am I going to shoot with?"

Guns for Gals

So you want to buy a handgun? I have a hard time recommending just one, but since I get this question all the time, here are some of my favorites.

Saving the Best For "Last"

For 1911 mavens like me I attribute any changes to the like dowsing fillet mignon in ketchup; however, in the case of the Springfield Armory Omega, change brings an added degree of versatility.

Springfield XD(M) in .45 ACP

Now available in America's most popular self-defense chambering, expect even more Springfield XD(M)s in CCW permittees' holsters.

Springfield XD(M) in .45 ACP Gallery

Now available in America's most popular personal-defense chambering, we can expect to see even more Springfield XD(M) in the holster of CCW licensees.

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