Ruger Introduces the Mark IV Rimfire

Ruger's long-awaited successor to the popular Mark III target pistol has finally been announced. Find the details here.

Ruger Recalls Mark IV Rimfire Pistols

Ruger is recalling almost all of its Mark IV rimfire pistols, due to a safety issue. Check here to see if your gun needs to be recalled.

First Look: Walther Arms P22QD Pistol

Walther upgraded its P22 rimfire pistol with the new P22QD model, which features a number of changes.

First Look: Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory Target Model

Smith & Wesson expanded its SW22 Victory pistol lineup with the new Target Model designed to enhance the gun's competition chops.

New for 2018: Smith & Wesson Performance Center SW22 Victory Pistol

Two new additions to the Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory rimfire pistol lineup are fine-tuned for competition by the company's Performance Center shop.

New for 2018: Walther P22 FDE California-Compliant

This year, Walther Arms added new models to its P22 rimfire pistol lineup, both designed for consumers in California.

New for 2019: Taurus TX22

Taurus brought its new TX22 rimfire pistol to the market in 2019, providing consumers with an affordable training platform featuring increased capacity.

Range Review: Kel-Tec CP33

For 2019, Kel-Tec Weapons announced its long-awaited, .22 LR variant of its popular PMR30. Check out our range experience with the CP33 here.

First Look: TacSol Pac-Lite TSS .22 LR Suppressed Upper Receiver

Looking to quiet your .22 LR Ruger training pistol? TacSol has an option for you in the form of its Pac-Lite TSS upper receiver.

WATCH: Kel-Tec CP33

The new Kel-Tec CP33 is chambered in .22 LR and is designed to run and run, thanks to a 33-round magazine. Check out our range experience with it here.

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