The Executive pocket holster

Pocket carry is no fun. Under stress, you're going to lose some fine motor skills while you're fumbling around in a pocket. And, you simply cannot draw the pistol as quickly as you can a firearm holstered properly on a belt.

The "Hedy jane" Pocket Pistol by Heizer Defense Unveiled at 2012 NRA Show

An all-white pocket pistol for the discriminating buyer.

Kahr Arms Introduces the CT380 Pistol

Kahr Arms expands its line of value-oriented pistols with the CT380, the budget-minded counterpart to the P380 introduced five years ago.

Signal 9 Defense Reliant Derringer

Revising and refining the derringer concept, the Signal 9 Defense Reliant uses cutting edge technology to give an old design new life.

Colt Mustang XSP

Colt revamps its .380 ACP pocket pistol to create the new polymer-frame Mustang XSP.

Beretta Pico

Beretta’s new Pico might be small, but thanks to a modular design based on a subchassis to which all other parts attach, it is big on ergonomics and customization for concealed carry.

SIG Sauer P225-A1

SIG Sauer? No, SIG sweet.

Ruger LCR .327 Fed. Mag. Revolver

Ruger’s newest offering in its LCR revolver line offers potent power in a small package.

ABDO Concealed Carry Portable Firearm Safe Review

The ABDO Concealed Carry Portable Firearm Safe offers concealed carry holders a unique new way to hide their carry gun.

Watch: Kimber Micro 9 Pistol

The Kimber Micro 9, released in 2016, is a 9 mm pocket pistol based on the 1911 platform that features similar controls in an easily concealed package.

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