Guns of the Enemy in Afghanistan

Gunpundit's Shelby Murdoc takes a look at the guns the Taliban and al Qaeda are using in Afghanistan from AKs to Enfields and beyond.

Army Issues Industry Challenge for New Carbine

The U.S. Army issued what may be an unprecedented challenge to the American firearms industry this week: to design and produce a new carbine to potentially supplant the current standard-issue M4.

Colt Match Target M4 Gallery also did an in-depth review of the AR.

Mighty SWORD

Veteran warfighter develops cutting-edge carbine.

New addition to the Benelli M4 Line

How to make the Benelli M4 better? Easy. Offer it with a Cerakote finish.

Remington Defense Products Now Available Commercially

Remington Arms Company, LLC ("Remington") today announced that it is making available, effective immediately, certain Remington Defense products for the civilian consumer market.

U.S. Army Requesting Upgrades to M4A1 Carbine

The U.S. Army is currently considering several upgrades to the present standard M4A1 Carbine special operations rifle designed to enhance accuracy and performance, as well as change its overall appearance.

Adaptive Tactical EX Performance Stock for AR-15/M4 Carbine

Adaptive Tactical, known for its shotgun magazine box conversion kits, offers buttstocks for America's Rifle, too.

Benelli M4

There weren’t many things Benelli could do to improve the M4 Tactical Shotgun’s functionality, so it enhanced its value and appeal with Cerakote.


If you’re looking for an exact copy of the rifles our troops carry in combat, look no further. FNH USA’s first AR-15 for civilians is identical to the military’s M4 in almost every way.

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