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Curtis Whiteway's BAR/M-1

99th Infantry Division

Bill Takes Aim at Blocked M1 Garand Imports

If you count yourself among those who have been eagerly awaiting a reversal of the U.S. State Department's 2010 action blocking the planned importation of some 87,000 M1 Garand rifles and M1 Carbines from South Korea, relief may be on the way.

M1 Garand vs. AR-15: Which is America's Rifle?

When it comes to awarding the title of "America's Rifle," there really are only two serious contenders: the M1 Garand and the AR-15. Which wins? We covered the issue thoroughly here.

Classic Guns: Imperial Japan’s M1 Garand

John C. Garand’s combat masterpiece M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle was so effective in the Pacific theater, the Japanese attempted to make their own version.

Get Off My Lawn: Great WWII Guns for Home Defense

While purpose-built, modern firearms are all the rage for personal protection, don’t discount that old World War II gun for home defense.

The M1 Garand National Match Rifle

The United States was the only country to provide a semi-automatic rifle as standard issue to its military forces from the onset of the war. In excess of five million M1 Garands were produced between 1936 and 1945.


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