Burris XTR II 158

Burris offers a “do-it-all” scope at a price significantly less than other riflescopes with similar features.

Action, Take One

When it comes to home defense, there are two main shotgun actions discussed as a rule: semi-automatic and pump-action. Here’s a roundup of common pump-action scatterguns currently on the market.

Action, Take Two

When talking about shotguns for home defense, pump-action and semi-automatics rule the roost.Here’s a round-up of current semi-auto scatterguns.

Let There Be Light

Obeying Rule 4, especially in the dark, is easier with these essential accessories for home defense.

Check Your Shotgun's Zero

Don’t assume your home-defense gun’s zero is “close enough” just because it’s a shotgun. Here’s what to do if it’s off.

Lasers and Lights on Shotguns

Adding a laser sight alone to a home-defense shotgun can help with rapid aiming, but it should be paired with a light to justify the additional weight.

Best Sight for Shotguns?

Is the basic bead ideal? There are myriad options for shotgun sights today, but sometimes simple solutions work best.

How to Read Shotgun Shell Boxes

Read that ammunition box carefully for pertinent information on shotgun fodder.

Useful Shotgun Drills

Practice these simple drills to stay on top of your shotgunning game.

Reduced Recoil Shotgun Loads

Reduced-recoil loads offer softer shooting—fostering more practice—which we can all agree is a good thing.

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