Staying Safe

Safe options are nearly as numerous as the guns they are designed to protect. Learn what to look for before you buy.

Show Your Metal

New and experienced shooters alike will love easy-to-use and maintain steel targets.

Get a (Fore) Grip

Here are four solid and inexpensive options for adding a vertical foregrip to your AR.

Review: CMMG Mk47 Mutant Rifle

CMMG’s Mk47, more commonly known as “the Mutant,” is a prime example of the attempt to blend East and West by chambering the Com-Bloc 7.62x39 AK round in an AR-style platform.

RE Factor Tactical Operator Band

Looking for a sleek, useful accessory? RE Factor Tactical's Operator band puts seven tools right on your wrist.

American Built Arms AR Essentials Kit

Having spare parts is always a good idea, no matter what the item.

Seek Thermal XR Thermal Imaging Camera

It's not *quite* seeing in the dark, but thermal imaging is a great way to see things we don't normally observe.

Team Never Quit 9 mm & .380 ACP Frangible Hollow Point Ammunition

Team Never Quit's line of frangible training ammunition includes .380 ACP and 9 mm versions.

Vickers Tactical Smith & Wesson M&P Magazine Floorplates

When it comes to self-defense, every little edge you can get counts.

Magpul AKM Handguard

Magpul continues the company's useful line of aftermarket furniture for AK-47-pattern rifles with an M-LOK-compatible handguard.

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