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Ergo Grip Launches New Grip For J-Frame Revolvers

Ergo Grip introduces a unique grip for the Smith & Wesson J-frame revolver.

Spoiling A Home Invasion

Having a plan and the will to defend yourself and your family is a very good thing.

Optional (Albeit Practical) Extras

Right out of the box, virtually any of today's popular pistols should perform admirably in life-threatening situation, though there are some things you can do with the aid of a gunsmith that will make snub-nose revolvers easier to use when seconds count.

To Bob or Not to Bob

When it comes to concealing a handgun, women don't have as many options as men. It's a sad fact, what works for him won't work for her. As simple as it may sound, it plays a critical role regarding one of the J-frame's features.

Coming to Grips

When it comes to selecting a pistol for concealed carry or self-defense, concerns such as its caliber and concealability are of great importance, but so is the often overlooked topic of grips.

Laser-Sight Deliberations

Given a snub-nose revolvers inherently short sight radius and the resulting difficulty in accurately shooting them, some may be curious about laser sights and where they fit into this project, if at all.

Getting Defensive About Triggers

Most custom firearm owners are far from fickle when it comes to accessories and features, but building a firearm for someone else forces you to venture outside your comfort zone and think outside the box.

Lights, Camera, Action (Job)

Why spend your hard-earned dollars on gunsmith fees when you don't have to. With some basic tools, hands-on knowledge of the Smith & Wesson J-Frame and the Apex Tactical Specialties J-Frame Drop in Duty/Carry Kit tactically oriented tinkerers can configure their snub-nose for concealed carry while saving money.

CrossBreed Revolver Ankle Holster

If you're a fan of ankle carry, CrossBreed recently introduced a new holster designed to carry your favorite small pistol all day long without feeling like you're tied to a boat anchor.

LaserLyte to Offer Premium Pistol Laser Trainer

LaserLyte introduces the next generation of their widely popular LT-series of pistol laser trainers.

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