How to Zero an AR with Open Sights

Zeroing an AR is no different than zeroing any other rifle. It should be zeroed at a range that fits how it's intended to be used.

Using Iron Sights on an AR-15 Gallery

Using Iron Sights on an AR-15

XS Sight Systems

A former cop and accomplished firearms instructor makes a case for topping handguns—and long guns—with XS Sight Systems' innovative offerings.

XS Sight Systems Gallery

XS Sights are excellent aftermarket additions to any defensive firearm.

The Power of One

Glass is great, but with practice and study, it's impossible to ignore the speed and versatility of iron sights.

Does Your AR Have a Built-In Miss?

Shooting an AR-15 at room-clearing distances may require you to rethink how you see your target.

YHM Flip Rear Sight

Sure, the optics on your AR-platform rifle are robust and tested, but why not have a sturdy set of iron sights as a bit of insurance?

Magpul Industries Offers New Front and Rear MBUS Pro Offset Sights

Magpul introduces new offset front and rear sights as part of the company's MBUS Pro series.

Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Iron Sights

Magpul's MBUS Pro Offset sights allow rifles with mounted optics an option should co-witnessing not be possible.

Magpul Industries MBUS Pro LR, M-LOK Sling, and QDM Swivel

Magpul introduces new products for sighting and carrying rifles to the company's expanding line-up.

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