Gun Cleaning Chemistry

Cleaning your firearms is vital to ensure they function at all times. Here are some cleaning products to help you keep your guns spic-and-span.

GTUL Glock Magazine Cleaning Tool

Glock magazines can be difficult to disassemble for cleaning. Thanks to the GTUL, that is no longer the case.

Good PR, and a Great Cause

Public Relations efforts aren't always self-serving, as shown by Hoppe's support of American fighting men and women overseas.

New Hoppe's Elite T3 Gun Oil

Ideal for Advanced Protection and Performance


New, easy-to-use SnipeX is a gel-revitalizant for rifled barrels, featuring the patented revitalization technology developed by the XADO Chemical Group.

Hoppe's Introduces Gun Care On The Go

Hoppe's, an industry leader in gun care cleaning products and accessories since 1903, has introduced Elite Pillow Packs, the first disposable packages for convenient, on-the-go gun care.

J. Dewey Mfg. AR-15 Field Kit

Keep your AR clean on the go with this compact kit that's easy to carry, anywhere.

A Bore's Life

Factors like type, quality, manufacturing methods, care and use all make each barrel's life span unique.

M-Pro 7 Introduces Military-Grade Advanced Small Arms Cleaning Kit

M-Pro 7, a leading provider of military-grade weapons maintenance products, introduces a new cleaning kit designed specifically for and by the United States military.

Lyman Expands Line of Turbo Sonic Cleaners

Lyman has added two new Turbo Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaners, a larger 6.3-quart model TS-6000 and a smaller 23.6-ounce Model TS-700 to the original mid-sized TS-2500 model introduced last year. All models offer exceptional speed and cleaning performance.

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