Glock Trigger Fix

Even Glock fanboys complain about the popular handgun's enigmatic trigger. Here's how to improve your Glock's trigger from the comfort of home.

Gear for the MGM Ironman

Bryce Towsley participated in the most extreme 3-gun competition in the world and the equipment he used took as much of a beating as he did. The gear survived fine, but the jury's still out on Towsley.

Polymer Pistols for Practical Competitions

Congratulations! You've picked a shooting sport, decided how you want to play the game and now you're wondering "what am I going to shoot with?"

GTUL Glock Magazine Cleaning Tool

Glock magazines can be difficult to disassemble for cleaning. Thanks to the GTUL, that is no longer the case.

.40 S&W DoubleTap 135-grain Nosler JHP

January is .40 S&W month here at Terminal Tuesday. DoubleTap is the only ammunition manufacturer I know that loads Nosler JHP bullets for handguns, and it is the first of four .40 S&W loads in a row.

Glock 17

With polymer components, utilitarian boxy profile and lack of external safety, the Glock 17 caused quite a stir when it made its American debut in 1986.

Guncrafter Industries .50 GI Conversion Kit Gallery

Here's a closer look at the conversion, which turns your Glock into a .50-caliber fight stopper.

Guncrafter Industries .50 GI Conversion Kit

The shooting sports world is full of clichés and cute little retorts regarding caliber. This is particularly true when it comes to pistol cartridges—9 mm vs. .45 ACP vs. .40 S&W etc.

CCF RaceFrame Glock

When metal meets Glock, some say the improved handling and performance are modern alchemy. Those in the know call it the CCF RaceFrame.

Glock G17 GEN4 25th Anniversary Edition

Celebrate Glock's 25th anniversary in the U.S. with this limited-edition commemorative G17.

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