FN America M249S Rifle

Think happiness is a belt-fed rifle? FN has just the thing.

Review: FN America M249S Rifle

Think happiness is a belt-fed rifle? FN America has just the thing in its FN M249S.

FN America Offers Free Gear Promotion

FN America is offering free gear along with the purchase of its FNX-45 Tactical handguns.

FN America Expands FNS Compact Line

FN America expanded the FNS Compact line with with a new FDE finish.

FN America Launches Line of Modern Sporting Rifles

The FN 15 series of modern sporting rifles is getting updated for 2017 with a new look and new features.

5 Great Shotguns for Home Defense

Here are our Shotgun editor’s five “can’t miss” out-of-the-box shotguns for home defense.

Watch: FN M249S Para Rifle

FN America is expanding on its Military Collector's line with the new M249S Para Rifle, a collapsible and shortened version of the M249S.

FN America Introduces the FN 509

FN America announced the introduction of the new FN 509, an all-new striker-fired 9 mm pistol.

Watch: FN America 509 Pistol

We caught up with the team at FN America to discuss the design and features behind the company's new FN 509 pistol.

New Handguns for 2017

We protected our firearms freedoms in 2016 with a tremendous show of political force. What better way to celebrate our victory than by checking out the new handguns available for 2017?

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