Shooting Folding-Stock Rifles

Former SOF operator Steve Adelmann tells you when and how to shoot a rifle with the stock folded.

Timney Triggers Announces Replacement Triggers for FN SCAR Rifles

Timney Triggers, the oldest and largest trigger manufacturer in the world, has been making replacement triggers for over 65 years.

The FN "Expert"

FN America launches the FN "Expert," technology that enables comprehensive basic marksmanship skills

FNH USA Announces Grand Opening of Pro Shop Factory Store

The FNH USA Pro Shop to be one-stop shop for everything FN.


If you’re looking for an exact copy of the rifles our troops carry in combat, look no further. FNH USA’s first AR-15 for civilians is identical to the military’s M4 in almost every way.

FN Announces Spring Consumer Promotion

Free FN-branded gear and Magpul accessories are offered for qualifying purchases.

Short Barreled Rifles

There are many reasons one might want to brave the bureaucracy to legally obtain a short-barreled rifle.

FN America M249S Rifle

Think happiness is a belt-fed rifle? FN has just the thing.

Review: FN America M249S Rifle

Think happiness is a belt-fed rifle? FN America has just the thing in its FN M249S.

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