9 mm DoubleTap 147-grain Bonded Defense JHP

DoubleTap is an up-and-coming ammunition manufacturer that offers ammo loaded with premium bullets at competitive prices.

.45 ACP +P DoubleTap 185-grain Nosler JHP

DoubleTap is the only ammunition company I know that loads Nosler pistol bullets.

.380 ACP DoubleTap 80-grain Barnes TAC-XP

The demand for .380 ACP handguns and ammunition is extreme. Manufacturers have responded by offering .380 ACP ammunition that is actually suitable for personal protection.

.40 S&W DoubleTap 140-grain Barnes TAC-XP

The Barnes TAC-XP bullet is a good choice for self-defense in a .40-caliber package, but different loads with this bullet can affect terminal performance.

.40 S&W DoubleTap 135-grain Nosler JHP

January is .40 S&W month here at Terminal Tuesday. DoubleTap is the only ammunition manufacturer I know that loads Nosler JHP bullets for handguns, and it is the first of four .40 S&W loads in a row.

DoubleTap Ammunition

When companies start advertising in magazines, they often provide product samples hoping for some positive press after testing. That's not how I came to test DoubleTap.

.40 S&W DoubleTap 125-grain Barnes TAC-XP

If you have been following Terminal Tuesday for any length of time you are probably seeing a trend for ammunition manufacturers to load the Barnes TAC-XP bullets in defensive handgun cartridges.

.32 H&R Mag. DoubleTap 60-grain TAC-XP

A great field cartridge for trappers, hunters and hikers, the .32 H&R Mag. can also be a valid choice for personal protection, especially when loaded with the right ammo.

9 mm DoubleTap 80-grain TAC-XP

Designed for use in compact pistols, this load still manages to pack a big punch.

10 mm Auto DoubleTap 135-grain Nosler JHP

The 10 mm Auto is a very powerful cartridge and is often used for hunting by those who prefer a semi-automatic pistol to a revolver. It is also pretty darn good for self-defense.

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