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More Ohioans Than Ever Are Licensed to Carry

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine reported last week 47,337 persons were issued new permits to carry concealed weapons in 2010.

Pocket Holsters

Before you drop a gun in your pocket, get a holster that's up to the task of concealing and protecting it.

Praetor Defense Holsters

The Praetor Defense holster provides a great option for concealed carry and competition alike. (Photos by Roy Lin)

Dragon Leatherworks Quantum IWB-OWB Holster

Quality gun leather that also provides fit, form and function for concealed carry can be hard to find.

Recluse Announces New Models for Pocket Carry

Two new holsters for two popular, new semi-automatic handguns designed for deep concealment.

CCW Breakaways Pants

With a relaxed fit and plenty of pockets, CCW Breakaways pants are built to handle deep-concealment needs.

CCW Permits for Florida Women Older Than 65 Leap 600 Percent in Past Decade

Women make up about 1/5 of Florida's 1 million people licensed to carry concealed.

New Holsters for New Glocks

Fresh on news of the release of two new models from Glock, Galco introduces holsters custom-made for these exciting models.

DeSantis Announces Holster Availability for Glock 42

DeSantis introduces nine new holsters for the Glock model G42.

Quality Blade-Tech Holsters For the New Glock 42

Blade Tech introduces new holsters to accommodate Glock's hot new .380 ACP, the G42.

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