Lightning-Fast Loading

Most top 3-gun competitors will agree, being able to load a shotgun quickly can be the difference between winning and losing.

Winter Carry

It may be easier to conceal this time of year, but with your coat and sweater on, is your presentation about as slow as proverbial molasses in the wintertime?

Bill Drill

The Bill Drill is one of the more common pistol training drills.

Get a Handle on It

Give your tactical precision rifle an oversize bolt knob for faster operation by following these steps.

Gone in 90 Seconds

When the stuff hits the fan and your family has to bug out, preparedness—and the right gear—will help keep you alive.

Zombie Prep 101

Think you can make it through the unthinkable with your deer rifle? Think again. Unless you have the right guns, you will soon join the walking dead.

Shooting With Corrective Lenses

We all know we must wear eye protection at the range, but when your vision begins to fail, what’s the best way to keep your eyes safe and still see the sights?

Choosing a 3-Gun Scope

Advances in 3-gun riflescope design have led to optics built for what shooters need to win. Here are the most important features to look for in a multi-gun competition scope.

Lessons from the Dark Side

A special IDPA competition may be the perfect grounds for testing low-light gear and tactics. It’s also an ideal way to train for self-defense in the dark.

Bug Out Guns

When you are forced to hit the bricks, the guns you choose can help you survive.

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