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Gibbs Rifle '03-A4 Scout Rifle

Gibbs Rifle Company combines surplus parts with some creative license to create a new carbine for World War II.

Mossberg MVP Gallery

The MVP sports ground-breaking features, partly due to its innovative magazine compatibility and partly due to its design.

Springfield M1903A3

Once discarded as obsolete, the M1903 Springfield was resurrected to fill a void in the military's small-arms arsenal.

Mossberg MVP

If you've got a bunch of AR magazines, here's another gun that can feed from them, with a twist.

Tactical Rifles Chimera M40T7 and Coonan Inc. Classic 1911

You can deal with long-distance shots and CQB work in style with this formidable combination.

Custom Green

Two of the tactical versions of the Remington 700 from the Remington Custom Shop have all the right features.

Custom Remington 700 CDL Gallery

When we heard about a Remington 700 chambered in 7 mm Rem. Mag. soon to be offered at a Friends of NRA event that regularly hit steel at 1,000 yards, we couldn't help but ask for a closer look.

Get a Handle on It

Give your tactical precision rifle an oversize bolt knob for faster operation by following these steps.

Mossberg MVP Flex Bolt-Action Rifles

Mossberg expands its innovative Flex systems into its MVP line of bolt-action rifles.

Mossberg Introduces MVP Patrol Rifle

Five new rifles in 5.56 NATO and .300 AAC Blackout. 7.62 NATO rifle to follow in the summer.

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