Mastering the Beretta M9

Here's an in depth look at the proper operation of the U.S. military's service handgun and its civilian variants.

Law Enforcement Trade-in Pistols

When I have been asked this question by acquaintances, I have suggested they consider law enforcement (LE) trade-in pistols. My reasoning is, by the nature of their duties and the research and testing resources available to the departments that select them, pistols formerly used by LE organizations can easily fit all the above-mentioned criteria.

Beretta PX4

Dating back to the early part of the 20th century, this classic cartridge is inexorably tied to the seminal John Moses Browning 1911 design for which the cartridge was developed. However, one of the most recent offerings to chamber this cartridge, the rotary barrel-locking Beretta Px4 Storm, is by no means a conventional handgun design.

On the Front Line of Freedom Gallery

Here are some of America's finest guns being used by some of its finest people.

Beretta Px4 Storm Sub-Compact

Italian styling is always welcome, whether it's really fast cars or

Beretta Px4 Storm Sub-Compact Gallery

This gun looks Italian sports car fast, even when it's posing for a photographer.

LaserMax first to launch laser designed specifically for Beretta Nano 9mm Pistol

The ultracompact Beretta Nano can now be mated with a seamlessly integrated laser.

Golden Bullseye Awards: Beretta ARX100

Our rifle of the year is a marvel of modern manufacturing.

Beretta Blogger Meetup

Beretta hosted numerous gun bloggers at the NRA's Annual Meeting, and a well-known competitive shooter stopped by.

Beretta ARX100

Beretta offers high-tech, ambidextrous design developed for the Italian military to U.S. consumers with its new ARX100.

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