.45 ACP Handloaded 185-grain Barnes TAC XP

This 180-grain Barnes TAC XP bullet was handloaded in a .45 ACP case ahead of 8.2 grains of Ramshot True Blue powder and a CCI 300 primer.

Snubby Ballistics

"Snubby"is a term that has crept into the shooter's lexicon to identify those revolvers with exceptionally short barrels. There is no sound reason why anyone would want to abbreviate a handgun barrel to a degree that would interfere with the gun's ballistic performance, unless they want to create a revolver that is easier to conceal in most clothing.

DoubleTap Ammunition

When companies start advertising in magazines, they often provide product samples hoping for some positive press after testing. That's not how I came to test DoubleTap.

Accurate AR Fodder

Here are five of the most accurate factory loads to run through your AR.

Hornady Superformance

Hornady's new Superformance squeezes an extra 100 to 200 fps out of the .308 Win., without producing magnum-load recoil—an alluring mix bound to seduce tactical shooters.

Brownells Adds Ammo

Brownells proudly announces that the company will carry a full selection of quality, brand name ammunition from top manufacturers like Winchester, Federal, Remington, CCI, Hornady, Fiocchi, Ultramax, Kent, Weatherby and many more.

Hornady Critical Defense

These loads prove to be extremely effective when used in today's generation of small guns.

Progressive Loaders

Maybe shooters should be thinking progressively. I'm not talking about political ideology or government ammunition assistance.

Winchester Dedicates New Centerfire Facility

The company dedicated its new facility in Mississippi after last year's announcement that the company would close its Illinois plant as a result of labor strife.

Lapua 300-grain Scenar

One of the best .338 Lapua Mag. loads on the market comes, unsurprisingly, from Lapua.

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