Rifle Trigger Technique: Methods & Mechanics

Embrace the Zen of trigger control in your precision rifle. Slow down to go fast. Here are a few tricks from our Rifles editor.

Should You Prep the Trigger?

In your concealed-carry class, the instructor mentioned that staging the trigger, also referred to as trigger prepping, was a waste of time and should be ignored for defensive, competitive and speed shooting.

Pistol Trigger Performance

Take your pistol shooting to the next level.

The Fix: Making the Perfect Shot

Your experience level in shooting is what you would call in the area of intermediate to good. After a stint in the military where you enjoyed going to the range, you decided to continue shooting to maintain your proficiency with firearms.

Learning Trigger Control: Reset and Slapping

Much has been written about trigger control since the beginning of shooting. But, the majority of writing on the subject is focused primarily on the rearward movement of the trigger, with little-to-no attention given to the forward movement.

Trigger-Control Tips: Slapping vs. Resetting

The forward movement of the trigger is just as important as the rearward movement. Here are the pros and cons of slapping the trigger versus riding the reset.

High-Round Count Training: Worth the Investment?

You have saved your money to attend a mid-level, 3-day shooting class with a well-known instructor.

Hit the Bullseye: Tips for Precision Shooting

Struggling to place your pistol shot directly in the bullseye? Here are a few tips to make that precision shot every time with ease.

Defining Trigger Movement: Pull vs. Press vs. Squeeze

In early stages of firearm training, instructors use all kinds of words to define trigger movement. However, all these terms mean different things. We try to clarify the issue here.


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