Learning Trigger Control: Reset and Slapping

Much has been written about trigger control since the beginning of shooting. But, the majority of writing on the subject is focused primarily on the rearward movement of the trigger, with little-to-no attention given to the forward movement.

Trigger-Control Tips: Slapping vs. Resetting

The forward movement of the trigger is just as important as the rearward movement. Here are the pros and cons of slapping the trigger versus riding the reset.

The Trigger Job: Tips & Tactics to Improve Trigger Pull

I’m new to shooting and just bought my first pistol. During my first trip to the range I let one of the staff members shoot the pistol because I wasn’t doing too well in hitting the target.

Should You Prep the Trigger?

In your concealed-carry class, the instructor mentioned that staging the trigger, also referred to as trigger prepping, was a waste of time and should be ignored for defensive, competitive and speed shooting.

Velocity Triggers Launches With Drop-in AR Trigger Assembly

Velocity Triggers has launched its brand with an American made, drop-in trigger assembly that will fit all AR platforms.

Glock Trigger Fix

Even Glock fanboys complain about the popular handgun's enigmatic trigger. Here's how to improve your Glock's trigger from the comfort of home.

X-Treme Shooting Products Fail-Safe M700 Replacement Trigger

With over twenty-five years of development the X-Treme Shooting Products "Fail-Safe" replacement trigger for M700 series rifles may well be the finest bolt action trigger in the industry.

Tac-Con Introduces AR-15 and AK-Platform Triggers

Tac-Con introduces trigger upgrades for the AR-15- and AK-47-platform rifles.

Lyman Launches Improved Trigger-Pull Gauge

Lyman added a number of upgrades to the company's trigger-pull gauge.

Trigger Reset: Should You Use It?

Many of today's handguns have a short-reset point, where the trigger mechanism "resets" at a shorter point to allow for a shorter trigger pull. Should you take advantage of this feature? See what the experts say.

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