Making Ordnance Gelatin

Anyone who relies on a firearm for personal protection should be interested in terminal ballistics.

Handgun Stopping Power

Many organizations, agencies and individuals have developed tests and formulas to rate the effectiveness of defensive handgun cartridges.

.40 S&W DoubleTap 140-grain Barnes TAC-XP

The Barnes TAC-XP bullet is a good choice for self-defense in a .40-caliber package, but different loads with this bullet can affect terminal performance.

9 mm Federal 105-grain EFMJ/PDLR

Federal's Expanding Full Metal Jacket (EFMJ) bullet is an ingenious solution to the problem of reliable expansion and intermediate barriers.

.22 LR CCI Velocitor (2.4 inch barrel)

How does a great small-game load perform out of a snub-nose revolver?

.22 LR 40-grain CCI Velocitor (5-inch barrel)

Will this rimfire varmint load perform better out of a longer barrel?

9 mm Wilson Combat 124-grain XTP HP

Many argue whether the 115- or 124-grain 9 mm load is best for self-defense.

.45 ACP Wilson Combat 200-grain XTP HP

Here's a look at a Wilson Combat load that bridges the gap between 185- and 230-grain offerings.

.45 ACP Federal 230-grain Hydra-Shok

The Federal Hydra-Shok 230-grain load for the .45 ACP cartridge is one of the most well regarded defensive handgun loads of all time.

.380 ACP Buffalo Bore 90-grain JHP

Buffalo Bore ammunition built its fine reputation on loading what it calls "heavy" loads for big-bore cartridges.

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