Tactical Reload vs. Reload With Retention

Both accomplish the same task. Which one do you want to bet your life on?

Skills Check: Two by Two

What’s the difference between a tactical reload and a speed, or emergency, reload? We teach both at Gunsite and, while I hope you never have to perform a speed load in a gunfight, I’m pretty sure you’re going to do tac loads routinely as part of your regular practice or even day-to-day carry.

Protection Preparation: Visualization Tips for Self-Defense Success

“Think things through” isn’t just good advice on avoiding impulse buys at the used-car lot. Visualizing self-defense scenarios can help you prepare for potential issues.

The Tactical Reload: A Critical Self-Defense Skill

The tactical reload isn't just a technique for competition shooting. Practicing your reloads and thinking about potential situations where you would use a tactical reload is critical.

Handgun Reloads: How-To & Expert Tips

Reloads are undeniably one of the most essential skills a serious defensive shooter can have. With that in mind we will look at three different reload techniques to help you master the skill; the emergency reload and then two versions of a tactical reload.

What's the Fastest Way to Reload Your Revolver?

What's the fastest way to reload your revolver? Chris Christian shows you how to make reloading your wheelgun as fast as possible.


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