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The latest class of riflescopes designed for military snipers and other tactical operators can handle just about any situation from 10 feet to beyond 1,000 yards—thanks to innovative reticles and a revolutionary zoom factor approaching eight.

Weaver® Unveils Tactical Scopes Featuring Illuminated Reticles, as well as Specialized Tactical Accessories

Weaver's latest tactical optics and accessories undergo rigorous testing and advanced engineering to provide law enforcement agents, warfighters and precision shooters alike with unmatched precision across multiple disciplines. Illuminated reticle scopes and mounting systems offer a tactical advantage whether competing, practicing, qualifying or on-duty.

Burris Launches New Tactical Riflescope Line: MTAC

Recognizing the explosive growth in 3-gun competition shooting, Burris has developed a new line of riflescopes built to deliver precision, performance, versatility and shooter confidence.

ArmaLite Introduces New High Profile Scope Mount Assembly

ArmaLite engineers conducted a study to see what height scope mount gives shooters the best sight picture possible.

Leupold Mark 4 HAMR

I like magnified optics. Even before my eyes began aging, I preferred to have some sort of enhanced target image.

Leupold Mark 4 HAMR Gallery

Leupold's new Mark 4 High Accuracy Multi-Range Riflescope (HAMR) is a great example of how the rigors of combat can result in tougher, more reliable gear for the shooting public.

Burris Adds Two New AR Sights to Lineup

For years shooters have relied on the precision and accuracy of the Burris AR sight systems for military, tactical, home defense and hunting applications.

Aimpoint Launches New Micro T-2 Sight

Aimpoint's new sight offers additional features and enhanced performance.

Nightforce 1,000 Yard Velocity Reticle

A ballistic drop compensating reticle from one of the most-coveted tactical optics manufacturers.

Talley Tactical Rings

A tactical rifle can't be completely tactical without the appropriate scope and rings.

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